Our Story



I was born with a serious stubborn streak and an individualistic nature.  (Those of you who know me will nod your head in agreement.)  As soon as I could dress myself, I did.  Cut, stitch, rip, pin, shred, dye…I had to “alter” every piece of clothing.  Grandma’s clothes from the 1940’s? Yes, please. Grandpa’s polyester slacks from the 1950’s?  Even better! 

Then, life zooms by and now I have three tiny humans: “Lily Pie,” “Rem Dog,” and “Fletchy.”  I started this company for them.  And, I started it for moms like me who give our all to raising tiny humans to the best of our ability.

So, here’s my WeeStructed “manifesto” in a few bullet points:

  • I believe in being as eco-conscious and earth friendly as possible;
  • I believe in designing, creating, and selling apparel with “soul;”
  • Quality is important to me.  I won’t sell anything I wouldn’t buy for myself or my own family.

As I open my virtual doors today, I’m checking an item off my “bucket list” and starting down a new and exciting path.  I promise to give you and your kids my best.


Sarah Komers, Founder

WeeStructed, est. 2013